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zindoconnect strives to be a reliable and safe platform for buyers, sellers, and small businesses alike. We have implemented a verification process by requiring all sellers to prove their identity before being listed active on zindoconnect.



If you qualify, we will send you an email with instructions on how to upload your documents for verification.  Once verified, you will receive an “Identity Verified” badge that will show up next to your profile name once it’s verified. Upon approval, you will be ready to list your services and start accepting jobs.

Notice: None of the information shared will NOT be available to the public or any third parties. For complete details, you can review our Privacy Policy. Any documents uploaded to your account will be deleted after 30 days.

New verification badges are now available for users with verified identities. The process is simple: log in, upload a non-expired government issued ID and meet one of our staff people to verify your identity. Once we’ve confirmed your identify, the new badge will be displayed on your profile.

Note: This is only available for participants that qualify and are required.

The “Identity Verified” badge will appear as a checkmark below your profile image.

We will notify you when you log into your zindoconnect account.

Freelancers who fail to verify their accounts within 5 days of notification will have their accounts placed in a hold status. 

The freelancer’s account may be reinstated once the verification process is successfully completed, but until then they’ll only able to work on pending projects.

Verification is typically done within 30 minutes. Sometimes it may take a bit longer.  We suggest if you’ve been selected for this process that you upload your documents as soon as possible.

The documents you upload are stored by zindoconnect until we are able to verify your identity.  Our team members comply with our security and privacy policy. Your documents will be deleted after 30 days. 

You are able to submit a request to have your information deleted under the GDPR. zindoconnect will respond within 30 days to your request.